Incident Command Software designed and built by the Emergency Services for the Emergency Services

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The software’s development steering group consisted of 12 UK Fire and Rescue Services and 1 UK Police force. Over 18 months this steering group contributed and challenged one another to ensure that our Incident Command Software enabled Incident Command Compliance, aligned with the National Operational Guidance & UK joint decision making model.

No software, other than our ICS, has had this level of assurance that it is fit for purpose, driven by actual incident command practitioners.


Incident Command Compliance

Command Solutions Incident Command Software (ICS) facilitates incident command compliance. Our ICS dramatically improves situational awareness, decision support and logging to the whole command chain through a live Common Operational Picture.

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National Operational Guidance

Our ICS has been designed to help your incident commanders align to national operational guidance. ICS significantly strengthens collaboration between all personnel and agencies involved in each incident.

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Joint Decision Making

The communication platform our ICS is built on has been purpose built to support the UK Home Office Joint Decision Making Model (JDM). Along with a commander’s personal experience and knowledge of a given situation, our software is designed to help commanders make effective decisions together.

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Think Different.


Offline capability

In the event your command unit, responders or decision makers lose internet connectivity, Command Solutions Incident Command Software (ICS) will continue to run offline, gathering data, publishing it to all other users involved in the incident when connectivity is restored.


Tactical Planning Board

Build your strategy, tactical priorities and operational actions as a tree diagram. Re-prioritise in an instant by dragging and dropping. Draw your overall plan, sector plans. Import Google Maps and Street View, then Annotate over them to convey what you need.


Drag & Drop Organisational Chart Builder

See who is in attendance, build your chain of command (API allows connectivity to your existing MOBS, CAD, AVLS).



See your risk data over google earth, search for an address, or upload any key location information, such as hydrants, CCTV camera locations, flood maps etc..


Analytical Risk Assessments

ARA is introduced to analyse situation n more detail on the basis of information obtained from the reconnaissance and from the rescuers. The special forms are defined and provided to the IC in order to help calculating and recording ARA.


Time Shuttle

Slide a time bar backwards and forwards to load how incident information looked at a given point in time – particularly useful for Incident Commanders taking responsibility for an incident, during handover with the incumbent commander they can go back and review all information to understand how the current situation was reached.


Integration (API)

ICS integration with your other software systems - Data can be imported from other systems, such as control room MOBS, CAD, AVLS – so for example incident information in our ICS can be prepopulated from your MOBS, or your vehicles can be displayed automatically on google maps.


Decision Log

Decision logs utilised by incident commanders provide a storyboard of decisions made as the incident progresses and also the reasoning behind it.

Our ICS enables your user to record text or video decision logs, even when offline!

Both the decision log and ARA systems are robust enough to stand up to legal scrutiny.


Casualty Management

Casualty care and first aid is an integral part of the fire and rescue services’ role and firefighters have always worked closely with pre-hospital medical providers in their aim to save lives.

Our ICS enables the effective recording of casualty status, enabling effective tracking and management of public and res-ponder safety.

Command Solutions proud to participate in ESS 2018 as guests of Excelerate

Command Solutions took part as a technology partner on Excelerate’s stand at this year’s Emergency Services Show.

About Excelerate

Leaders in our field – pioneering resilient mobile communications

We developed, installed and now support the most comprehensively equipped, and technologically advanced emergency response vehicles in the world.

Excelerate pioneered the concept of rapidly deployable, totally independent and resilient broadband via satellite, which now supports a broad range of applications in emergency incident management.

Being the only provider within the UK – and perhaps globally – to operate a privately managed network dedicated to emergency response with enhanced resilience, our innovative solutions have changed the way emergency command & control operations respond to major incidents.

On a daily basis our team share and deploy their know how and skills globally, because we have been invited to do so; demonstrating that few companies in the world can do what we do, in the way that we do it.

With our market focus and commitment to making technology useful and accessible to users, we have successfully introduced innovative solutions that are now in everyday use.

Simon Hill, Technical Director - Excelerate Group

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